International Psychoanalytic Encounter on Couple and Family (17 et 18 juin 2022)

Voici une annonce que l’EFPP nous demande de relayer. Par ailleurs, vous trouverez dans un autre article une proposition de rencontre pour les personnes qui seraient intéressées de partager leur clinique dans le processus d’écriture.

Dear colleagues, We are pleased to announce the 1st Psychoanalytic International Encounter on Couple and Family organized by the IACFP, EFPP and COFAP (IPA). The International Encounter is born from the initiative of these three major institutions meeting for the first time, with the aim of opening new lines of reflection on the Clinic and Training, in the field of the family and couple, by addressing all psychoanalytic currents existing today. IPECF Event
PROGRAM For more information and registration please visit the website: contact us here: We are looking forward to sharing this experience with you.

On behalf of the Organising Committee
María Eugenia Cid Rodríguez – Rosa Jaitín – Elizabeth Palacios
Secretary: Cristina Calarasanu 

EFPP Administrative Secretary Anne Sauer, MA T: +4917645961389E: